Report: Joe Biden is ‘not liberal enough’ to win the Dems’ nomination in 2020

The left finally seems to be noticing that former Vice President Joe Biden has a habit of being “hands-on” with women and young girls during photo ops — but that’s not the only thing going against the possible presidential hopeful.

According to Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz, Biden’s got a big problem on his hands ahead of 2020: he’s “not liberal enough” for the modern Democratic Party.

Indeed, dozens of liberal media outlets have pounced on Biden in recent weeks with assertions that he is too old, too white, too male, and/or too moderate to satisfy today’s Democratic base.

Launching attacks on Biden

Whether it be The New York Times, HuffPost, New York Magazine, or Vox, most liberal outlets have published overtly critical articles about Biden in recent weeks — and not just about his excessive handsy-ness with women.

There were complaints that Biden didn’t always support a woman’s right to abortion — he wasn’t all-in in the 1980s — and was therefore still suspect on the issue.

Others condemned his prior support for tough criminal sentencing guidelines, the Iraq War, and the banking industry, much of which is headquartered in his home state of Delaware.

“Decades of baggage”

But the real — though seldom directly stated — complaint against Joe Biden from some on the left is that he is a white man in his 70s who has been something of a fixture in D.C. for decades, Kurtz writes.

New York Magazine painted him as a prime example of the sort of “old-fashioned paternalism of powerful men who [doesn’t] take women’s claims to their reproductive, professional, or political autonomy particularly seriously.”

Vox dismissed him as another politician with “decades of baggage” when Americans, by and large, want “outsiders, reformers, and fresh faces.”

Kurtz noted that these complaints seem to overlook the fact that Biden actually supported same-sex marriage before former President Barack Obama did, and that he had played an instrumental role in the passage of Obamacare, not to mention the number of other issues held dear by the left for which he has expressed support.

Too old, too white, too moderate

Of course, conservatives have been pointing out for quite some time that Biden is a bit on the grabby side with women and is known for uttering unthinkable gaffes that would have ruined the careers of Republicans.

Those things were previously ignored by the left, but now, liberals are seizing on them as the internecine battle that is the Democratic 2020 primary heats up.

Who else of their own will they throw under the bus before this is all said and done?

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