Biden interview on sex assault claim marred by multiple gaffes

During an appearance on MSNBC designed to address Tara Reade’s sex assault claim against him, Joe Biden got off to a decent start — but things began to go downhill fast.

Once he got his denial of Reade’s allegation out of the way, Biden went on to make several colossal gaffes that once again called his mental capacity into serious doubt, Breitbart reported.

Joe’s bad day

The big news on Friday had to do with Biden’s categorical denial of the sexual assault allegations made against him by Tara Reade on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

This was Biden’s chance to make a firm denial and possibly put the allegations to rest, but he seemed to do more harm than good as the interview progressed.

He laughed at the wrong times and seemed utterly baffled when host Mika Brzezinski suggested doing a search of his private records at the University of Delaware for anything that included Reade’s name.

Then things really got tough for Biden.

The gaffes keep coming

As the interview went on, most people probably ran to their phones, tablets, and desktops to see what the reaction on social media was to Biden’s tepid denial, but those who did missed some great fodder to use against Biden if they are interested in attacking his mental readiness to handle the job of being president of the United States.

Most prominently, Joe Biden inexplicably claimed that 600,000 Americans had died from the coronavirus thus far, and continued to use that number until Joe Scarborough had to correct him.

If you listen closely, you can hear a staffer on a hot mic sighing in frustration over Biden’s inability to get this simple statistic right.

He can’t hide forever

The pandemic is protecting Biden from public scrutiny, a luxury he will no longer have once campaign season ramps up, and he is forced to not only make daily appearances but to face off directly against Donald Trump in numerous debates.

Does anyone really think Republican debate moderators or the president himself will overlook such gaffes in real-time the way mainstream outlets currently do?

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