Biden announces new taxpayer-funded initiative to support climate change financing for women

President Joe Biden has proven time and time again that he is thoroughly beholden to progressive ideals and special interests, particularly on issues like climate change and gender equality.

Biden has now combined those two issues of climate and gender and backed them with taxpayer funding for a new initiative known as the Climate Gender Equity Fund, Breitbart reported.

The goal of the initiative is to try to address and rectify purported inequalities faced by women in the climate finance sector of the global economy.

Funding women in the climate change industry

President Biden unveiled the Climate Gender Equity Fund and other climate-related initiatives during the United Nations’ COP 27 climate change conference in Egypt this week.

The White House issued a “fact sheet” on Friday that outlined several new initiatives that were announced at the conference by Biden that is ostensibly intended to help combat climate change around the globe.

One of those initiatives is the Climate Gender Equity Fund which has been initially seeded with $6 million in taxpayer funding through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in addition to $3 million provided by Amazon.

The Fund “will leverage private sector contributions to help provide women climate leaders with technical skills, networks, and capital to develop and scale climate solutions.”

In addition to that, other new initiatives included $23 million through USAID to help diversify Egypt’s environmental and energy sector workforces with more women, a $2 million program to help “Indigenous peoples” gain access to “climate finance” capital, and a State Department-led “Youth Leadership Program” aimed at getting more young Americans and Africans involved in the fight against climate change.

$53 million from Amazon for climate and gender issues

Amazon announced last week that it had committed $53 million to help “fast-track innovations by female climate tech entrepreneurs,” with $3 million of that total earmarked for the USAID Climate Gender Equity Fund and the remaining $50 million being directly invested in climate tech-related companies owned or led by women.

The announcement stated that the new Fund “will have a global focus and provide grants for businesses, NGOs, accelerators, incubators, and grassroots organizations working on women-led climate solutions. It also will fund efforts to help women access the networks and technical skills they need to accelerate the development of their climate change technologies.”

Amazon’s vice president of worldwide sustainability, Kara Hurst, said in a statement, “As an important step in solving climate change, we must address the gender inequalities that persist in climate finance, and ensure female entrepreneurs have an equal seat at the table and access to the funding, networks, and technical support they need to scale climate solutions.”

“We’re proud to collaborate with USAID and the Biden administration to help scale women-led climate solutions globally. This is just one part of our broader Climate Pledge goal to reach net zero carbon by 2040, and we encourage other companies to join us in this effort,” she added.

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