Biden implies blacks, Hispanics, don't have 'high school diplomas'

September 15, 2023
World Net Daily

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Joe Biden delivered a slam to black and Hispanic workers during a speech at a community college, where he was bragging about his Bidenomics that have hurt so many Americans with high inflation and surging interest rates.

He called them "You know, the workers without high school diplomas."

The White House then tried to clean it up, charging that the word "and" should have been heard.

Biden said, "We've seen record lows in unemployment particularly and I focused on this my whole career, particularly for African-Americans and Hispanics workers and veterans, you know, the workers without high school diplomas."

The White House charges that he said "and" after "you know."

But on the video, it's not there. The comments come at the 24-minute mark:

The blunder could easily translate into problems for Biden, who says he's running for re-election in 2024 but already has seen his support among blacks and Hispanics drop significantly.

The New York Post called his mistake a "humiliating gaffe."

It came as the octogenarian was touting his own accomplishments at a speech at Prince George's Community College in Maryland.

The Post report cited Biden's words, then reported, "However, according to the transcript released by the White House, there was supposed to be the word 'and' separating the African American, Hispanic workers and veterans from those without high school diplomas."

On social media, commenters noted the latest from Biden, who has a long history of verbal mistakes and blunders. For example, he once told a paralyzed supporter to stand up so the crowd could see him. He's also blunder in identifying his own grandchildren.

Comments included, "What an embarrassment" and "This is incredibly sad. It is also infuriating."

The Post report explained, "Biden’s latest blunder comes amid growing concerns about the president’s mental acuity as he runs for a second term in office. He has made a number of gaffes over his three years in office."

The report noted just last year Biden asked, "Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie?" as he searched the room for Jackie Walorski, an Indiana congresswoman who had been killed in a car accident the month before.

The Post noted, "He also called for regime change in Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, only for the White House to later deny he meant that when he said of Vladimir Putin: 'For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.'"

The White House previously has had to fix his statements. When he provided an estimate of COVID-19's death toll at "over 100," the official statement later was changed to read "over 1 million."

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