Documents reveal Biden provided taxpayer-funded hotel lodging and room services for detained illegal migrants

It was already well established that President Joe Biden’s administration has minimally enforced border security and immigration laws amid a record surge of illegal immigration, but now new details have emerged of just how welcoming and generous that administration has been toward those new arrivals — of course, at taxpayer expense.

Documents obtained from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that taxpayers provided hotel accommodations and all sorts of related perks to newly arrived illegal migrants while they were being processed in 2021, the Daily Caller reported.

What those documents revealed was that the illegal migrants were given veritable five-star treatment while being lodged in hotels in Arizona and Texas, but the actual cost to taxpayers of those accommodations were conveniently redacted in the released ICE documents.

Five-star hotel lodging and accommodations

America First Legal used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain copies of a contract ICE entered with a San Antonio-based contractor known as Family Endeavors Inc. to provide housing and services to newly arrived illegal migrants who had been detained after crossing the nation’s southern border.

Per the 154-pages of contract documents, the terms specified that migrants were to be housed in hotels and be waited on by room service that would provide meat at every meal, 24-hour access to drinks and snacks, babysitters and laundry services, Spanish-language television, and even specific thickness mattresses.

Security guards were also provided — to keep others out, but not to keep the migrants in the hotels — and the contractor was required to never reference any of the migrants as “aliens” or “detainees,” even as those were the legal terms by which they would be referred to in processing and immigration court.

Housing and servicing detained illegal migrants

According to The Washington Times, the contract appears to have originated in March 2021 amid the initial surge of illegal migration that followed President Biden’s election and inauguration and quickly overwhelmed the existing border security and detention facilities.

Family Endeavors Inc. won the no-bid contract with ICE to assist in housing the overflow of detained migrants, even though the group had never done such work before.

It is estimated that the contract was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but the exact total remains unknown because the released documents had redacted all information related to the costs of the services provided, including even the room rates that were charged.

The Times reported that the special program that was begun in March 2021 was ended at an unspecified date in early 2022, ostensibly because ICE had made sufficient improvements to its resurrected “catch-and-release” program to more efficiently process incoming illegal migrants and the extra housing and accommodations in hotels was no longer necessary.

American taxpayers deserve to know how Biden is spending their money

“We thought that it was important to make this information public so that the average citizen can see what the government is up to,” Reed Rubinstein, a senior counselor and director of investigations for America First Legal, told the Times. “That’s where this contract is really helpful because it gives you a window — a small window, but a window nonetheless — into how the Biden administration is conducting itself.”

Of course, the five-star treatment for newly arrived illegal migrants likely only helped to increase the staggering numbers of illegal entries over the past two years, as Rubinstein observed, “You can rest assured that tales of free television and so forth are making their way back to other countries and helping to stimulate immigration.”

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