Biden hits new low in AP poll

President Joe Biden’s polling numbers have been embarrassingly low for some time now. Yet, they are only getting worse.

Breitbart News reports that Biden just received his lowest approval rating yet in an Associated Press poll. 

The poll was conducted on behalf of the Associated Press by the NORC Center for Public Research. The pollster surveyed 1,172 adults between May 12 and May 16.

Biden’s new low

What the pollster found is that Biden’s approval rating is currently at only 39%. That’s Biden’s lowest approval rating yet in an Associated Press poll since becoming president.

This 39% is a six percentage point dropoff from last month when Biden received a 45% approval rating, and it is a 24 percentage point dropoff from May of 2021 when Biden’s approval rating on the same poll was at 63%.

It appears that what has driven Biden’s approval rating down is a loss of support among members of his own party.

In the latest poll, only 73% of Democrat participants indicated that they approve of the job that Biden is doing as president. This sounds like a fairly high percentage, but it actually isn’t the greatest. Just last month, that same percentage was 82%, and, in May of last year, it was 96%.

So, Biden has lost a lot of his fellow Democrats’ support.


Although this is Biden’s worst result on an Associated Press poll, it is not his worst poll result ever. He has found himself with a sub-40% approval rating on several polls over the past year.

Real Clear Politics currently has Biden’s average approval rating at 41% and his average disapproval rating a 54.3%. This puts Biden underwater, on average, by 13.3 percentage points. Believe it or not, Biden has been underwater by as many as 14.8 percentage points, which happened in January of this year.

As for what is driving Biden’s numbers down, the Associated Press writes, “the findings reflect a widespread sense of exasperation in a country facing a cascade of challenges ranging from inflation, gun violence, and a sudden shortage of baby formula to a persistent¬†pandemic.”

The outlet’s poll found that only two out of every ten Americans believe that the country, under Biden’s leadership, is headed in the right direction.

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