Biden alienates American Hispanics with moves to ease sanctions on governments of Cuba and Venezuela

President Joe Biden has been hemorrhaging support among Hispanic voters, a voting bloc he relied heavily upon to get elected, and likely just made his own situation even worse with actions that will further alienate at least two key subgroups within that bloc — refugees and survivors of the communist regime in Cuba and the socialist regime in Venezuela.

Biden’s administration on Tuesday, both formally and informally, revealed plans to lift various sanctions imposed on both of those regimes — ostensibly as a way to aid the Cuban and Venezuelan people but that, in actuality, will likely only serve to benefit regime leaders and their associates, Breitbart reported.

The outlet further noted that the announced moves by the Biden administration drew swift condemnation and serious questions from Cuban and Venezuelan activists and community leaders in America.

Easing sanctions imposed on leftist regimes of Cuba and Venezuela

First, the State Department announced Tuesday that it would lift a series of restrictions imposed on Cuba and would include reimplementing a family unification program, authorizing more travel of American groups to Cuba, offering support for Cuban entrepreneurs, and easing limits on remittances sent from Cubans in America to family members still living in Cuba.

According to Breitbart, though, those actions will only serve to further empower and enrich the communist Cuban regime, which reaps much of the financial benefit of tourism and remittances and maintains tight control over businesses.

Later that same day, Reuters reported that, according to unnamed senior officials, the Biden administration had authorized U.S.-based oil company Chevron to engage in negotiations with a state-owned Venezuelan counterpart on energy production and was discussing lifting sanctions on key Venezuelan officials, such as dictator President Nicholas Maduro, in order to facilitate a resumption of talks between the socialist regime and an opposition group.

Cuban measures based on “false premises” will aid Cuban government

Those moves are not sitting well with many Cubans and Venezuelans living in America, though, according to Breitbart, and create a risk of reducing President Biden’s support among those two particular groups, as well as other Hispanics more broadly.

A Cuban dissident in America, Orlando Gutierrez Boronat, told Breitbart that Biden’s moves to ease restrictions on the communist Cuban regime were based on “false premises,” the first of which is that these actions would serve to “regularize Cuban immigration” when it would actually only encourage the regime to further “weaponize” immigration for its own purposes.

The other “false premises” included the belief that the measures would create an “independent economic space” in tightly-controlled Cuba, as well as that it would “foster political freedoms.” Boronat noted that literally just one day earlier the Cuban regime had imposed new laws cracking down on political dissent, including three years in prison for merely “insulting” regime officials.

Venezuelan opposition backed by Biden not trusted by the people

As for Venezuelans, a Venezuelan pollster in America named Ruben Chirino Leanez said the administration’s moves would have no “meaningful” impact on the lives of average Venezuelans but would make things easier and more prosperous for regime officials if sanctions were lifted on oil production and leaders like Maduro.

Further, polling from Leanez suggests that roughly 80 percent of Venezuelans have no faith in the so-called opposition government led by alleged President Juan Guaido — a powerless opposition that is largely viewed by the people as being “sellouts” who are controlled by and subservient to the socialist regime.

In the end, these moves by the Biden administration will most likely not improve the dire humanitarian situations of regular Cubans and Venezuelans but will prove beneficial to the leftist regimes that control them while making Biden look even more “weak” and “timid” on the world stage and drive down his approval numbers with Cubans and Venezuelans and other Hispanic groups in America, particularly those who have personally experienced and escaped from the oppression of socialism and communism.

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