New poll reveals horrible approval numbers for Biden among Hispanics, who also prefer GOP over Dems to control Congress

The Democratic Party has relied heavily on the support of Hispanic voters to gain an edge over Republicans for decades, but the era of Democrats taking the Hispanic voting bloc for granted now appears to be over.

A recent poll showed that only around 19 percent of Hispanic voters currently approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance while 70 percent disapprove of the way he has handled his duties, Breitbart reported.

That spells bad news for Democrats, as the Hispanic disapproval of the president appears to also extend to his party, and the poll also showed that a plurality of Hispanic voters would prefer to see Republicans take control of both the House and Senate instead of Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

Terrible news for Biden

The poll referenced by Breitbart was the latest effort from Quinnipiac University, which surveyed 1,523 U.S. adults — including 1,367 registered voters — between July 14-18 with a margin of error that ranged from 2.5 to 2.7 percent, respectively.

The results of that poll were bad enough for President Biden overall as his job approval among all Americans was pegged at 31 percent while his disapproval stood at 60 percent.

But Biden’s standing among Hispanic voters was even worse, as the pollsters found only 19 percent approval for Biden among that particular demographic compared to 70 percent disapproval of his job performance. Notably, that figure includes 49 percent of Hispanics who “strongly” disapprove of Biden and only 8 percent who “strongly” approve of the president.

Further, Biden’s favorability among Hispanics was a dismal 19-67 percent difference and, by a margin of 22-76 percent, Hispanics do not want to see Biden run for a second term.

Compare that with his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, who had a 38-47 percent favorability spread among Hispanics in this poll and scored a 40-56 percent for or against margin on the question of whether he should run again in 2024.

Hispanics now side with Republicans over Democrats to control Congress

Nor is the bad news in this poll confined solely to President Biden, as the Quinnipiac pollsters found that while Hispanics generally disapprove of the jobs done by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, they would nonetheless prefer that Republicans be in charge in the next term.

With regard to the House of Representatives, Hispanics chose Republicans over Democrats by a 42-40 percent margin, while over in the Senate, Hispanics sided with the GOP over Dems by a margin of 45-42 percent.

Losing half or more of Hispanic voter support to Republicans is an absolute electoral nightmare for Democrats, and it is entirely their own fault for foisting the increasingly unpopular Biden on the rest of the nation.

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