Biden hiring hundreds to inundate Americans with TikTok messages

April 10, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

TikTok, a controversial software program that appeals to many as a social media site – but spies on Americans and can deliver up their details to the Chinese Communist Party, has been the target of plans to ban it.

From government devices. Even from the nation.

But now Joe Biden in plunging neck-deep into a relationship with the program that's been described as a threat to national security: He's hiring hundreds of TikTokkers to begin spreading his agenda to listening Americans.

"Sooo … he's NOT banning it?" said a commentary at Twitchy.

"Biden will be enlisting hundreds of TikTok stars and social media influencers to push his propaganda out to young people. Silly us, we thought he was busy working to ban TikTok since it’s a security threat and stuff BUT apparently President Silver Alert discovered he may want to use the platform to indoctrinate young people into voting away their lives and money to support him."

At BizPacReview, a report explained, "President Joe Biden has yet to officially announce that he will be running for reelection next year but his team is already drawing up battle plans for an imminent 2024 campaign and is planning to field an army of TikTok and social media influencers to entice young voters to turn out for the octogenarian leader."

BPR noted, "The deeply unpopular Biden is going to need to energize younger Gen Z voters to reinforce demographic groups that are already solidly loyal to the Democratic Party if he is to beat back a challenge from the resurgent former President Donald J. Trump and his pro-America base which Democrats will need to do if they hope to retain control over the White House."

The report suggested that those social media "influencers" "soon may have their own briefing room at the White House.

That comes even as members of Congress are searching for some way to ban it from American shores.

The report said among the influencers who have been recruited is Henry Sisson, a 20-year-old NYU student who "shills" for Democrats to 600,000.

He claimed, in a posting, "What Republicans don’t understand about Gen Z is that we’re here to stay and that we’re only getting more powerful. In 2020, President Biden won because of young voters. In 2022, Democrats expanded their majority in the Senate because of young voters. In 2023, Wisconsin now has a liberal Supreme Court because of young voters and we’re gonna do it again in 2024 and that should terrify the Republican Party."

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