Biden has gone into hiding following COVID diagnosis

Something appears off about the president’s COVID diagnosis.

Breitbart News reports that, ever since President Joe Biden’s positive COVID diagnosis was announced, he has not appeared in public. 

That positive diagnosis announcement was made by the White House on Thursday morning. At the time, it was revealed that Biden was experiencing mild symptoms – fatigue, a dry cough, a runny nose – and that he was taking the anti-viral medication Paxlovid for treatment.

Biden is said to be isolating but still carrying out his presidential duties. Significantly, though, the president has been seen in public since Thursday morning’s announcement.

Where’d he go?

Although Biden has not been seen in public, Breitbart notes that Biden has chosen “instead to publish carefully staged and edited photos and videos on social media created by his White House staff.”

One such video shows Biden speaking about his illness, expressing confidence that he will overcome it. “I’ve been double vaccinated, double boosted, the symptoms are mild,” Biden says. He later adds, “I’m doing well, I’m getting a lot of work done, I’m going to continue to get it done.”

Various photographs show Biden continuing to work. One shows Biden at his desk on the phone. It is captioned: “President Biden continued working from the White House this morning, including speaking by phone with his national security team.”

This increased social media presence, however, isn’t really making up for the lack of public sightings, which is leading to a lot of speculation about what is going on.

Bad “timing?”

The Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld is among the speculators. During a recent segment of The Five, Gutfeld questioned “the timing” of President Joe Biden’s COVID diagnosis.

“I don’t question the diagnosis at all,” Gutfeld said. “I just questioned the timing of it.”

He added:

But now you have polling that shows that [Biden is] less popular than getting punched in the face. So, there could be a reason for a lot of this, that they’re just trying to hide him, because that’s the only thing that works and perhaps maybe to generate some sympathy next week, they’re going to say you know, “he has fibroids” because, as you know, men can get pregnant.

On top of the lack of public sightings, the White House has also been reluctant to allow Biden’s doctor to answer questions from reporters about the president’s health. All things considered, the White House, as Breitbart suggests, is clearly trying to control optics right now, and the big question is “why?” Maybe Gutfeld is right.

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