Biden has failed to have a single ambassador confirmed by the Senate

President Joe Biden certainly faces a number of issues that he seems to have a hard time shaking off, but one issue that is going largely unnoticed, at least in the mainstream media, involves his ability to fill important government positions.

According to Fox News, Biden seems to have a serious problem having important appointed positions confirmed by the Senate. Compared to all of his recent predecessors, Biden is embarrassingly far behind and making matters worse, eight months into his presidency, he has yet to have even a single U.S. ambassador instated. 

The numbers are bad

Out of Biden’s 405 nominees, only 124 of those have been confirmed by the Senate, which is far behind former Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush.

Making matters worse, only eight of Biden’s 88 State Department appointees have been Senate-confirmed, and not a single ambassador — to the tune of 60 appointees — have been confirmed by the upper chamber.

To compare, by this time in his presidency, Trump had already managed to have 126 of 308 appointees confirmed, a much higher percentage of confirmations than Biden, by far. Obama had managed to get 243 of 400 appointees confirmed and Bush had 291 of 448 confirmed by this time in their presidencies.

The White House pointed out that Biden has submitted more nominees than his predecessor, although it’s unclear why they would brag about such a statistic, as it’s clear that Biden can’t seem to manage to get a vast majority of them confirmed.

Having ambassadorships and other U.S. government positions staffed and fully functioning is a critically important role in maintaining international strength and national security. So far, Biden has grossly failed Americans on that front.

Schumer blames Cruz

Not surprisingly, Democrats are coming out in Biden’s defense and blaming Republicans for stalling Biden’s appointees from being confirmed, which is even more embarrassing given that Democrats hold a slight edge in the upper chamber.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) blamed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, for the reason that no ambassadorships have been confirmed as of yet.

“Senator Cruz has a hold on all state department [nominees],” one of Schumer’s spokespeople said. Cruz’s defensive moves are reportedly in response to the Biden administration’s reversal on sanctions against the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

“Sen. Cruz will use all leverage and prerogatives he has as a U.S. Senator to get the Biden administration to follow the law and implement Congressional mandates to sanction and stop completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline,” a spokesperson for Cruz said.

Biden, who promised to work across the aisle and accomplish important tasks for the sake of national security, seems to be utterly incapable of doing so, and in the process, has left the United States even more vulnerable on the world stage.

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