In separate speeches, Biden and Harris both mistakenly put Kamala at the top of the ticket

Select pundits have suggested that if Democratic White House hopeful Joe Biden were to win the 2020 election, he actually wouldn’t really be the president — at least not for long, anyway — and would soon step aside to allow vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris to assume complete control of the country. Now, it seems that theory may not be as far-fetched as some would think.

According to the Washington Examiner, both members of the Democratic presidential ticket have slipped up in the last week by referring to a “Harris–Biden administration,” rather than one with Biden at the helm. Is this their subtle way of coming clean?

“A Harris-Biden administration”

The flub from Biden in which he essentially ceded the top spot of his prospective administration to his running mate occurred Tuesday during a roundtable event with veterans in Tampa, Florida.

“A Harris-Biden administration is going to relaunch that effort and keep pushing it further to make it easier for military spouses and veterans to find meaningful careers, to ensure teachers know how to support military children in their classrooms,” the former vice president — and apparently potential future vice president — said, according to the Examiner.

Unsurprisingly, a member of President Donald Trump’s campaign team, deputy director of rapid response Jake Schneider, shared a brief clip of that misstatement that honed in on the “Harris–Biden” portion.

“A Harris administration”

That gaffe came just days after a similar flub — or perhaps a Freudian slip — from Harris during a discussion with Arizona business owners Saturday, the Examiner noted.

Discussing what would be done to address certain issues, the vice-presidential nominee began: “A Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States…”

Conservative media outlet Townhall shared a clip of Harris’ misstatement in a tweet suggesting that she was “saying the quiet part out loud again” — an obvious allusion to the growing speculation that she, not Biden, would effectively be in charge of the executive branch if the Democratic ticket prevails in November.

An honest mistake, or something more?

To be sure, Biden is well-known for uttering gaffes, and it is not the least bit surprising that he’d mix up the order of the names on his own ticket. Meanwhile, Harris did spend the last year campaigning in her own right to be the president in charge of a “Harris administration.” These two flubs may indeed have been honest mistakes.

That said, given all of the speculations already swirling — and the odd timing — these remarks certainly leave room for questions. How long will they go unanswered?

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