President Biden assigns VP Harris to deal with spiraling border crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris has been stabbed in the back by President Joe Biden, who announced Wednesday that he has tasked her with solving the border crisis, The Associated Press reported.

Harris is in a bad spot as she has been thrown under the bus to solve a problem that there is no easy answer to. Of course, she could drastically improve the situation at the border, but it would require her to adopt the policies that former President Donald Trump put in place during his term.

Because of the politics that bind the Biden administration, Harris has been hung out to dry by a president who is both incapable and unwilling to tackle this growing crisis.

Democrats can’t solve the border crisis

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) explained Harris’ situation during an appearance on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom on Thursday.

“My reaction to that appointment is, is, wow, Joe Biden really doesn’t like Kamala Harris. This border crisis is the biggest political mess Joe Biden has,” Cruz explained. “It threatens to derail the entire administration.”

The senator continued, “So what does he do? He looks to his vice president and says, you take it. It’s your problem now, and listen, unfortunately, she is not going to be able to solve this crisis. Why? Because they’ve created this crisis because of their political partisan commitments that they can’t back away from.”

Democrats spent the entirety of Trump’s term criticizing him for his policies and Biden even promised his supporters that he would roll back the policies that Trump implemented. Biden actually followed through and fulfilled his promise — creating a crisis that coulddestroy his administration.

Cruz continued saying, “But because the Democrats campaigned on saying ICE is evil, securing the border is wrong because the Democrats support open borders. Kamala Harris doesn’t have anything to do other than go down there and let everybody go. I mean, that’s the only option that is consistent with the political promises she’s made.”

Nothing going right for Biden

An easy answer to the border crisis would be to begin immediate mass deportations with the message that immigrants must follow the legal channels of immigration. Of course, this isn’t an option for Harris, who has spent years labeling every reasonable immigration policy as racist.

Biden has quickly found out that it is infinitely simpler to be an outsider criticizing than it is to actually govern.

He spent the entire campaign cycle sniping at Trump and bragging that he could do a much better job. Now when the cards are down, Biden has set a new standard for incompetence and has thrown his own vice president under the bus to escape the situation.

Nothing is going right for Biden, and he has no one to blame but himself. Trump left office months ago, and Biden is the man in charge, and as a result, the blame for this crisis lies at his feet.

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