Viral video shows Biden place hands on young girl, speak inappropriately during photo op

Though the bulk of the media all but refuses to ever report on it, President Joe Biden has long had a disturbing habit of touching and speaking closely with young girls in a manner that causes them to appear visibly uncomfortable.

That happened again Friday when Biden approached a young girl from behind, placed his hands on her shoulders, and twice said “No serious guys until you’re 30,” Not the Bee reported.

The girl appeared to be a bit shocked and confused and creeped out by what had occurred, all of which was captured by a nearby cell phone camera.

“Creepy Uncle Joe” strikes again

The Post Millennial reported that the incident occurred Friday afternoon outside Irvine Valley Community College in California, and was caught on video by Kalen D’Almeida, a reporter for Turning Point USA’s Frontlines.

Following a speech about “lowering costs for American families” — at which he has failed miserably — President Biden held a meet and greet and took photos with event attendees, at which point the incident with the young girl took place.

After posing for a picture, Biden placed his hands upon the girl’s shoulders and leaned in close from behind as he said, “Now, a very important thing I told my daughter and granddaughters — no serious guys ’til you’re 30.”

With a nervous laugh, the visibly uncomfortable girl replied “Ok,” after which Biden repeated, “No serious guys ’til you’re 30.”

Interestingly enough, as the brief video clip concludes, a man wearing a suit who appeared to be either a Secret Service agent or a staffer for the president could be seen motioning to the reporter to stop recording the moment with his phone.

Not the first time

This is merely the latest addition to a lengthy history of similar incidents, dating back to his time as a senator and vice president, in which “Creepy Uncle Joe” appeared to make unsolicited contact and say inappropriate things to exceptionally young girls during photo ops.

This sort of behavior is creepy and disturbing and clearly contains sexualized implications and innuendos that are simply inappropriate for old men to direct toward young girls.

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