Biden Handing Out $100 Million to Help EV Industry in Disadvantaged Communities

September 30, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

In a plan that specifically states it is to "ensure disadvantaged communities" are able to benefit from Joe Biden's new demands for – and spending on – electric cars, the administration is committing $100 million to repair and replace EV charging stations across the country.

A report from government watchdog Judicial Watch explains Biden is "subsidizing" the electric vehicle industry with $15.5 billion for which taxpayers will be on the hook.

That's in addition to the $100 million for EV charging station fixes, the report said.

"The venture will 'ensure disadvantaged communities benefit from upgraded charging infrastructure,' according to the Department of Transportation, which is handing out funding.

Under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program the money will be sent to states, and then to others to "strategically deploy charging stations and establish an interconnected network to facilitate data collection, access and reliability."

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