Biden greenlights multiple airstrikes against military targets on Syria-Iraq border

Former President Donald Trump was ridiculed by his political opponents and many in the mainstream media on the few occasions that he permitted airstrikes on targets in the Middle East. As usual, President Joe Biden has seemingly been provided a pass on similar actions.

According to Fox News, the Pentagon confirmed over the weekend that a series of targets on the border separating Iraq and Syria were hit with “defensive” U.S. airstrikes, including targets known to be operated by Iran-backed militia groups, reportedly in retaliation for aggressive actions the Iran-backed militia groups have taken against U.S. assets in the area. 

“Necessary, appropriate and deliberate action”

The facilities that were struck, including an Iran-backed drone recovery and launch site, belonged to various militia groups such as Kata’ib Hezbollah (KH), and Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada (KSS), as both groups have used drones in strikes against targets of American interest.

Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram reported on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) praise with regard to the targeted airstrikes, calling the move “proportional” in response to past aggressions against American assets.

“Pelosi on US airstrikes on facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups near Iraq-Syria border. Says this is a “proportional response to a serious and specific threat. The Iran-backed militias utilizing these facilities have been engaged in attacks threatening US servicembrs” Pergram tweeted Sunday.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby confirmed the U.S. airstrikes, affirming in a statement on the matter that Biden remains focused on doing whatever it takes to protect American interests from the Iran-backed militia terrorist groups and other adversaries.

“The United States took necessary, appropriate and deliberate action designed to limit the risk of escalation – but also to send a clear and unambiguous deterrent message,” Kirby said in a Pentagon statement.

How was the strike carried out?

Though full details on the recent military operations greenlit by the president were not readily available, an unnamed U.S. defense official reportedly told Fox News that the operations included the deployment of U.S. Air Force F-15s and F-16s.

The precision strikes reportedly took place shortly after midnight, local time, which is typically when such actions are carried out in order to limit the risk of U.S. forces being spotted.

As far as casualties, the unnamed U.S. defense official reportedly didn’t expect “a lot of casualties” as a result of the defensive airstrikes, as they were mostly designed as kinetic attacks against various Iran-backed militia facilities.

Thankfully, all pilots and personnel involved in the operation were able to return to base, unharmed.

The latest round of airstrikes marks the second time Biden has ordered such attacks, with the first happening in February, according to The New York Times, when the Commander in Chief authorized military actions against Kaita’ib Hezbollah and Kaita’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada facilities in Syria.

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