Biden gets wrecked on social media over African travel ban after new COVID variant news

After the World Health Organization broke the news Friday morning that the omicron variant of COVID-19 is now classified as a “variant of concern,” only a few hours passed before President Joe Biden made a shocking travel ban announcement.

According to Breitbart, the president, along with his Democratic allies, were dragged on social media after he banned travel from eight African countries, pointing out that when former President Donald Trump made a similar move at the beginning of the pandemic, he was labeled as a “racist” and “xenophobic.”

Then and now

Then-candidate Biden was quick to join his media friends in calling out Trump’s travel ban from several countries at the onset of the pandemic, as he continued the narrative in a tweet from February 2020.

Most Democrats and most of the mainstream media helped then-candidate Biden campaign on the idea that travel bans to combat the spread of COVID-19 was a move born from xenophobia, when, in fact, it was a simple and logical precautionary measure that likely saved thousands of lives, if not more.

Luckily, Trump never gave in to the pressure, and kept the travel bans in place for as long as he and his medical advisers believed necessary to prevent the further spread of the virus, and the media and his Democratic critics persisted in knocking him for it.

But now, it seems, travel bans are perfectly acceptable, as was evidenced at the start of the weekend.

The backlash

Numerous conservative commentators quickly slammed President Biden and his administration for taking the same action — not because of the action itself, but because of the hard time they gave Trump nearly two years ago.

“Biden/Harris just banned all travel from several African countries over the new COVID variant… Remember that they campaigned AGAINST international travel bans to protect the US from the spread of disease. So much for stopping COVID in this first hundred days,” one user wrote.

“We will see if Democrats hold this admin to the same ‘standard’ and call this a xenophobic action by the Biden-Harris Administration since they are targeting African countries,” another user wrote.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Biden and his fellow Dems apologize to Trump for their asinine, past attacks, but I wouldn’t hold my breath in the hopes of that happening.

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