Biden gets caught nominating political donors to ambassadorships

President Joe Biden has been caught nominating political donors to his administration, Fox News reports

Remember what then-candidate Biden said on the 2020 presidential campaign trail? Here, let me refresh your memory.

“I’m going to appoint the best people possible,” Biden said. “Nobody, in fact, will be appointed by me based on anything they contributed.”

It appears that this is just another example of Biden saying something that sounds good in order to get votes. He’s been doing it for the better part of 50 years.

Caught red-handed

The group that caught Biden nominating political donors to his administration is the American Accountability Foundation (AAF).

The AAF’s website states:

The American Accountability Foundation is a non-profit government oversight and research organization that uses investigative tools to educate the public on issues related to personnel, policy, and spending. AAF deploys aggressive research and investigations to advance conservative messaging, rapid response, and Congressional investigations; while heavily scrutinizing politicians and establishment organizations, policies, and projects.

What the AAF has found is that six of Biden’s current ambassador nominees, together, have donated almost $13 million to Democrats over the course of their lives. Now, it appears that Biden is rewarding them for their contributions.

Putting this into perspective

It is currently estimated by the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) that 53% of Biden’s ambassador nominees have been political appointees, or, in other words, either big-time party donors or important party members.

To put this percentage into perspective, the corresponding percentage for former President Donald Trump is 43.5%, and the corresponding percentage for former President Barrack Obama is 30%. Going back even further, the percentage of political appointees for former President George W. Bush is 31%, and 28% is the percentage for former President Bill Clinton.

The trend is clear.

Another broken promise

AAF founder Tom Jones slammed Biden for breaking another campaign promise by nominating so many political appointees.

“Biden broke another campaign promise as he stacks his ambassador nominees with some of the deepest campaign pockets of the left-wing agenda,” Jones wrote in a statement. “No one should be able to buy their way into a luxurious position as an ambassador.”

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