Biden gets caught lying about the number of Middle East trips that he has taken

President Joe Biden has just been caught in yet another lie.

Fox News reports that Biden recently exaggerated the number of times that he has visited the Middle East.  

What Biden said:

Biden’s latest lie came during a speech that he gave at the U.S. Naval Academy’s commencement ceremony that was held on Friday.

“Members of the greatest fighting force in the history of the world, and that’s no exaggeration,” Biden said at one point in his speech. “You have earned it. Congratulations. I mean it — you really are.”

Then, Biden made this claim:

I’ve been in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan over 40 — I think 38 times. My son spent a year in Iraq, won the Bronze Star, Conspicuous Service Medal. I lost him.

But any rate, I’ve seen you in action – This is the finest military – not a joke. We have the finest military in the history of the world,” Biden added.

It’s just not true

It turns out that the claim that Biden made – that he’s “been in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan of over 40 I think 38 times” – is false.

Fox News reports that “a spokesperson for Biden’s National Security Council (NSC) said Friday the correct number of times Biden visited Iraq and Afghanistan is 21.”

So, apparently, in Biden’s mind, he has been to Iraq and Afghanistan twice as many times as he actually has been. Maybe he counted both arrivals and departures? Who knows.

The bigger problem:

It is not that Biden told this one lie. It is that Biden has been telling lies like this for the duration of his multi-decade political career. This, in fact, isn’t even the first time that Biden has lied about the number of times that he has been to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Washington Post, for example, reports that Biden, while running for the U.S. presidency, claimed to have been to Iraq and Afghanistan “over 30 times.” The Post also reports that Biden, at the time, also told a “moving but false” war story.

Neither Biden nor the White House has responded to Biden’s latest lie. They probably, though, would just deny that Biden said it – it wouldn’t be the first time.


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