Biden admin goes all-in on encouraging and endorsing gender reassignment surgeries for children

There are a plethora of major problems facing President Joe Biden’s administration on the domestic and foreign fronts right now, but all of that was placed on the back burner Thursday as the White House devoted substantial attention, time, and resources to one particularly divisive social issue.

The Biden administration on Thursday celebrated what has been dubbed Transgender Visibility Day and, in doing so, fully endorsed controversial gender reassignment surgeries and other non-reversible treatments for children, The Daily Caller reported.

Encouraging non-reversible treatments like gender reassignment surgery

The endorsement came by way of a pair of documents published by divisions within the Department of Health and Human Services that addressed “gender-affirming care” for young children and adolescents that went far beyond mere encouragement of social affirmation or supportive counseling.

The first of those documents, “Gender-Affirming Care and Young People,” came from the HHS Office of Population Affairs and labeled such care as “an array of services that may include medical, surgical, mental health, and non-medical services for transgender and nonbinary people” that is “crucial to overall health and well-being.”

In describing the different sorts of “affirming care” for children and adolescents, it dubiously classified “puberty blockers” — hormones that pause puberty development — as a treatment that is “reversible” and similarly described “hormone therapy” — testosterone for transitioning girls and estrogen for transitioning boys — as being “partially reversible,” though it at least acknowledged that “gender reassignment surgeries” were, in fact, “not reversible.”

The second document, “Gender-Affirming Care is Trauma-Informed Care,” was released by HHS’ National Child Traumatic Stress Network and was focused on the medical and mental “trauma” young children and adolescents face when transitioning from one gender to another or, in some cases, no claimed gender at all.

It, too, expressed the administration’s support for such things as “puberty blockers and gender-affirming hormones” and reassignment surgeries as those medical interventions purportedly reduce “rates of depression, suicidal ideation, and other serious behavioral health outcomes.”

Touting accomplishments, future plans, and threats of litigation against GOP states

Meanwhile, the White House also issued a “fact sheet” about Transgender Visibility Day and what the Biden-Harris administration had already done over the prior year and were prepared to do going forward to address the issues faced by transgender, non-binary, and non-conforming individuals and youth.

One of the plans going forward was to allow such individuals to mark an “X” for their gender on a variety of federal forms as well as the provision of different resources in support of their physical and mental health.

That “fact sheet” also strongly condemned state legislatures passing so-called “anti-transgender” bills — such as protecting young female athletes from unfair competition against biological males — and threatened to unleash the Justice Department against those states with civil rights lawsuits.

“A policy encouraging harm to children”

President Biden even got in the act Thursday with a video posted to Twitter that issued much the same message of encouragement and support for transgender youth mixed with threats against Republican-led states that hold different views on the issue.

All of that said, Ryan Bangert of the conservative legal firm Alliance Defending Freedom, said in a statement to The Daily Caller, “The Biden administration has adopted a policy encouraging harm to children, even funding it,” and added, “This extreme policy will leave a legacy of pain and regret that no child should have to endure.”

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