Biden gaffes further damage his struggling campaign

Joe Biden is singlehandedly nuking his presidential aspirations. With him may go the Democrats’ best chance at beating President Donald Trump.

Biden has committed multiple gaffes that are absolutely nightmarish for his staff. A more troubling issue for Democrats is that their most recognizable candidate might also be racist. Biden’s once-unbeatable campaign is imploding in front of our very eyes. 

Biden is a gaffe machine

Joe Biden was riding a high coming off of the second Democrat debate. He had a solid lead despite Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s sudden surge in popularity.

He then proceeded to utter this rather confusing line: “We choose truth over facts.”

While this was likely a mistake in the heat of the moment; it made for an impactful soundbite about the left as a whole. The left really does have a problem with facts and loves to ignore them in favor of feelings.

The mistakes didn’t stop there. Biden managed to confuse former British PM Theresa May with the late Margaret Thatcher. But as embarrassing as those two lines were; it was just a little taste of what Biden had in store.

Racist slip-up

Democrats howl whenever anyone right of center dares to criticize someone who isn’t white.

They sure seem awfully quiet after Biden’s latest slip at a campaign stop, in which he said that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

No, you haven’t read that wrong; no, it is not fake. This is a real quote from Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Biden should be thanked for exposing the racism of leftist thought. They may not typically outright say it, but the left has conflated being poor with being non-white.

While obsessing over gaffes is rarely helpful to political discourse, this one needs to be remembered.

The left keeps very close tabs on the language used by conservative figures and is quick to publically excoriate them over every single perceived offense. It is time to hold them to their own standards. As for Biden, it will take a miracle to overcome this mistake.

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