Joe Biden makes another gaffe during fundraising speech

2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden is losing it. At this point, it has to be asked if Biden is simply too old to endure the campaign trail. The gaffes keep coming and they don’t stop coming. Eventually, his name recognition won’t be able to protect him against his own missteps.

Biden once again shocked his supporters by committing yet another embarrassing gaffe on Friday night, adding to the dozens already on the record. 

Crowded top of the field

The top of the Democrat field is tight between Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden. With Sanders leading in New Hampshire, and Warren not far behind, Biden’s staffers are overworked.

Now his allies are pushing for him to go back to the “Rose Garden” strategy: limit his exposure to prevent career-ending gaffes.

Biden can no longer be trusted to not shoot himself in the foot when speaking at gatherings.

According to the Washington Examiner, “At one point, the former vice president referenced his own speech in Burlington, Iowa last week when he accused the president of ‘fueling a literal carnage’ in the country with his rhetoric, but initially said the speech took place in ‘Burlington, Vermont.'”

“Biden immediately corrected himself to say he delivered those remarks in ‘Burlington, Iowa.'”

Up-and-coming contenders Sanders and Warren have so far kept themselves out of trouble. It will only be a matter of time until that creates enough of a difference to end Biden’s campaign.

Is Biden too old?

Similar to Joe Biden’s situation, the 2016 election exposed bizarre behavior from Hillary Clinton that called her health into question.

She simply lacked the stamina to last out on the campaign trail.

Now with Biden’s stream of gaffes, it seems likely he just isn’t on his game. Already 76 years old, he’s not getting any younger or sharper.

Will the situation get better for Biden? Not likely. The campaign will only get more intense and the stress more pervasive. This could be the beginning of the end for Biden.

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