Biden admin exposed over funding for research to develop AI censors to suppress online speech

If it wasn’t already obvious, it should be unmistakable by now that President Joe Biden and his administration want to censor and suppress and otherwise shape what the American people are and are not permitted to discuss on social media or online forums.

It was just revealed that the Biden administration awarded a half-million dollar grant to researchers to develop an artificial intelligence program to monitor online discussions to detect and actively suppress supposed “microaggressions” and biased or discriminatory language, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

This is what your tax dollars are funding

Drawing funds from the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan passed in 2021, the National Science Foundation in March awarded a five-year grant totaling $550,436 to researchers at the University of Washington, of which $132,317 has already been disbursed.

The research project, titled “Language Technologies Against the Language of Social Discrimination,” aims to develop “language technologies to detect and intervene in the language of social discrimination — sexist, racist, homophobic microaggressions, condescension, objectification, dehumanizing metaphors, and the like — which can be unconscious and unintentional, but cause prolonged personal and professional harms.”

It would also help create “algorithms to automatically detect implicit and disguised toxicity, as well as hate speech and abusive language online.”

“Successful completion of the program will pave the ground for a paradigm shift in existing ways for monitoring civility in cyberspace, shielding vulnerable populations from discrimination and aggression, and reducing the mental load of platform moderators,” the awardee’s description of the program added. “Therefore, this project can benefit and empower a dramatic number of individuals — representatives of disadvantaged groups discriminated by gender, race, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity — who use social media or AI technologies built upon user generated content.”

Not a new subject for top researcher

The Free Beacon noted that the lead researcher on this Biden administration-funded grant project is a computer science professor named Yulia Tsvetkov, who has already authored other studies about the potential to use artificial intelligence to root out and suppress biased and discriminatory language online.

She co-authored a study in 2019 that was focused on categorizing different types of “microaggressions” — which are entirely subjective — and co-authored another study in 2020 that concluded there was an overall “positive” sentiment to the language used by Black Lives Matter protesters amid the nationwide wave of anti-police protests that often devolved into violent and deadly riots.

Now, using funds from U.S. taxpayers, Tsevtkov is seeking to train artificial intelligence on how best to censor and suppress the manner in which the American people may choose to exercise their freedom of speech and expression online.

Other instances of Biden-backed censorship and speech suppression

This is obviously not the first or only example of the Biden administration working to silence and suppress the voices of some Americans, as President Biden himself, just last month, suggested the tech billionaire Elon Musk, who has vowed to protect and respect free speech on Twitter, ought to be investigated by federal agencies over his purchase of the influential social media platform.

Speaking of Twitter, there is also the recent series of “Twitter Files” releases through independent journalists granted access by Musk to the platform’s internal communications and documents that have exposed the pressure and demands for censorship placed on Twitter by various federal agencies.

Likewise, there is also an ongoing lawsuit led by the GOP attorneys general of Missouri and Lousiana that has similarly exposed the Biden administration for encouraging and pressuring all of the major social media platforms to censor and suppress alleged “disinformation” and “misinformation,” which, in reality, simply means information and narratives they disagree with or dislike.

Critics speak out

The Free Beacon noted that Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton compared this grant and its goal were little different than the efforts of the Chinese communist regime to “censor speech unapproved by the state,” and added with regard to the Biden administration that, if the funded study proved successful, it would “make it easier for their leftist allies to censor speech.”

“It’s not the role of government to police speech that some might find either offensive or emotionally draining,” Dan Schneider, vice president of the Media Research Center’s free speech division, told the Free Beacon of the study. “Government is supposed to be protecting our rights, not suppressing our rights.”

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