Joe Biden throws Hunter Biden under the bus with comments about jailing fossil fuel executives

During a recent appearance in New Hampshire, Joe Biden made a startling announcement.

The former VP implied that fossil fuel executives should be thrown in jail, but he seems to have forgotten his own son was a fossil fuel executive.

That oops moment

Here are the comments made by Biden at the Town Hall…

In case you missed it, Biden really said that if fossil fuel executives don’t “deliver” on taking accountability for their environmental impact, they should be “put in jail.”

Somehow, the fact that his own son very publically served on the board for Burisma, a Ukrainian energy giant, seemed to have eluded him at the moment.

Perhaps Joe Biden has simply put that part of his son’s life out of his memory for good.

What about the workers

Joe Biden is still pushing the idea that killing tens of thousands of jobs in one fell swoop is a really good idea, which is what he would be doing by putting the fossil fuel industry out of business.

Biden said at the most recent Democrat debate in December that he would be willing to sacrifice “hundreds of thousands” of blue-collar jobs “in the interest transitioning to [a] greener economy.”

He believes that workers in those industries can “switch to high-paying jobs” in the clean energy sector. The problem with his assumption, though, is whether these workers want to or will even be able to make the transition.

What Joe Biden seems to be doing these days is simply telling each crowd what they want to hear rather than the truth.

That was proven when Biden told an attendee at a rally that he would be willing to run with a Republican on his ticket as VP, much to the chagrin of many on the left.

Joe’s campaign is falling apart, but the only one that does not realize it is Biden himself.

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