Biden forgets what ‘Zoom’ is, says his Zoom video to East Palestine is all they’re going to get

Gaffe machine President Joe Biden forgot what “Zoom” is Friday when talking to a reporter about why he wasn’t going to visit the East Palestine, Ohio site of a train derailment any time soon. 

A reporter had to finish his sentence as he stumbled about for the word, nearly losing his point in the conversation.

The song Biden referred to was released in 1985, which is not really his generation. He was 43.

Buttigieg shamed

Never mind that Biden could’ve avoided a lot of criticism if he had Zoomed Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and visited East Palestine instead of the other way around.

Former President Donald Trump shamed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg into showing up to the derailment site on Thursday after Trump visited with 13 pallets of bottled water on Wednesday.

Buttigieg would rather blame Trump’s deregulation policies for the crash than do anything to help, but NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy destroyed that narrative Thursday when she said a bearing had failed, and the accusations against Trump were disgustingly “political.”

The derailment led to a controlled burn of toxic chemicals and the evacuation of thousands of residents in East Palestine and other nearby cities three weeks ago. Now, residents have been told it’s safe to return home, but some are experiencing troubling symptoms like nausea and rashes.

Trump comments

Trump urged Biden to visit the derailment area as soon as possible and subtly criticized his Ukraine trip and the $600 million more he gave Zelensky while he was there.

The digs back and forth between the Biden administration and Trump are typical of the about-to-be 2024 rivals (unless Biden backs off from a run), but Homendy quickly tired of the politicization.

“Enough with the politics,” she said. “This is a community that is suffering, this is not about politics. This is about addressing their needs [and] their concerns. That’s what this should be about. So I don’t care about the politics. What I care about is figuring out how this happened.”

A bad scene

As for why Biden won’t be showing up to East Palestine, could you imagine him wandering off into the contamination zone like he did at the last G20 summit?

Besides being afraid he might hurt himself, it could be a bad scene if the strongly Republican area turns on him while he’s there. A very bad scene, and one that would be nationally televised for all to see.

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