Former Operation Warp Speed chief says Biden is largely following Trump’s lead on COVID vaccine rollout

President Joe Biden and his administration haven’t proven that they’re good at much, but one area they seem to particularly excel in is taking credit for things that former President Donald Trump set into motion, such as the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. Now, however, at least one former Trump official is crying foul.

According to the Washington ExaminerMoncef Slaoui made clear in a recent interview that Biden’s coronavirus vaccine distribution plan is composed of roughly “90%” of what Trump already had in place. Slaoui, of course, is likely the most in-the-know person on the subject, given that he is the former leader of Operation Warp Speed.

“We had plans”

During a recent interview on CBS’s Face the Nation, Slaoui rebuffed the criticism leveled against the Trump administration on whether they contracted enough vaccines against the coronavirus for the American public, among other issues surrounding the vaccination program.

The former director made crystal clear that the Biden administration’s success in the realm of inoculations is nothing more than a piggyback ride on Trump’s coattails.

“I do think that we had plans, and in fact, 90% of what’s happening now is the plan that we had,” Slaoui said, according to the Examiner.

“Of course, the first thing was to accelerate the development of the vaccine. We contracted specifically 100 million doses of vaccine, but also built into the contract options to acquire more vaccines once we knew they are effective,” he added.

“But I think what’s happening is, frankly, what was the plan. Substantially what was the plan,” Slaoui said.

Failure to communicate?

Later in his interview, Slaoui conceded that he believes the messaging in the early stages of the pandemic concerning potential vaccines could have been clearer, in the sense that it should have been stated more explicitly that the rollout would be slow, but steady.

“It was impossible to have enough vaccine doses quickly enough compared to the expectations. So we were unable, as we communicated in the month of November and December and January, to — to manage the expectation,” Slaoui said, as the Examiner reported.

The former Trump official also credited the Biden administration for the mobilization of large vaccination sites at places like sports arenas and theme parks, but stuck to his guns as far as who he believes is was the catalyst that made it all possible.

“The bulk of vaccine distribution is happening in the health care centers and now in the pharmacies. And that was all part of the plan,” Slaoui said, referring to announcements last year from the Trump White House about an unprecedented partnership between the U.S. government and the private pharmacy industry.

Biden and his supporters can believe whoever they want, but tens of millions of Americans who were paying attention last November know that Trump and his team easily deserve a bulk of the credit for making a robust COVID-19 vaccine rollout possible.

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