Biden flubs pronunciation of common Bible term during remarks ahead of Thanksgiving

Joe Biden continues to flood the airwaves with flubs and gaffes as he positions himself as the next president.

As reported by the Daily Wire, the Democrat mispronounced a common biblical word multiple times on camera during a Thanksgiving address on Wednesday. 

Another Biden blunder

According to the Daily Wire, the former vice president’s remarks included a call to “proclaim the palmist, with the palmist who wrote these following words, ‘The Lord is my strength and my shield.'”

Of course, what the former vice president clearly meant was “psalmist,” given his reference to Psalm 28:7.

Conservative radio host Howie Carr was among the critics on Twitter who noted that Biden appeared not to know that it is the “p,” not the “s,” that is silent in the word, the Daily Wire noted.

Considering Biden’s prior references to his devoutly held Catholic faith, Carr opined that his apparent ignorance regarding the common term is all the more puzzling.

Although his Bible-related gaffe attracted attention in certain social media circles, mainstream media outlets have all but ignored the glaring mispronunciation. That decision once again opens up the media to new accusations of hypocrisy.

Where’s the outrage?

During the 2016 presidential cycle, then-candidate Trump made what critics deemed a serious error during a speech at Liberty University in Virginia.

“We’re going to protect Christianity,” he declared at the time, according to Politico. “I can say that. I don’t have to be politically correct. Two Corinthians 3:17, that’s the whole ballgame.”

For the mistake of saying “two” instead of “second” in referring to the New Testament book, Trump was excoriated by a variety of leftist pundits and opinion writers. When Biden is the subject, however, the Daily Wire noted that legacy news outlets — The New York Times, Politico, the Washington Post, NPR, CNN, and others — refrained from reporting “on Biden’s flub.”

In the final days of the presidential race, the Trump campaign highlighted Biden’s consistent verbal fumbles as a reason he should not be elected. According to Fox News, the president played a clip of mispronunciations by his rival during one campaign rally, bolstering Biden’s reputation as a self-styled “gaffe machine.”

It looks like that’s a label Biden won’t be shaking any time soon.

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