Biden invokes George Floyd in fundraising appeal despite pledge not to use tragedy for ‘political gain’

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden delivered a speech Tuesday billed by his campaign and media allies as an apolitical message of unity following the in-custody murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the unrest that followed.

Yet, despite Biden’s vow to not inject politics into the tragic situation, that is exactly what he did, both with his speech attacking President Donald Trump and a campaign fundraising email that invoked Floyd’s memory, Breitbart reported.

Politicizing Floyd

During his speech, Biden claimed that he wouldn’t “traffic in fear and division” or “fan the flames of hate” in response to Floyd’s murder and the resultant angry protests.

Furthermore, he also claimed that he would “heal the racial wounds that have long plagued our country, not use them for political gain.”

Of course, as could be expected in this increasingly cynical age, he did exactly the opposite.

Capitalizing on tragedy

In a campaign email sent out just a short time after Biden’s speech concluded, the former vice president implicitly used Floyd’s murder for political gain by quoting the man’s last words in a bid to raise funds for his presidential bid.

“‘I can’t breathe.’ ‘I can’t breathe,'” the email began, as Breitbart reported. “George Floyd’s last words. But they didn’t die with him. They’re still being heard. They’re echoing across this nation. They speak to a nation where too often just the color of your skin puts your life at risk.”

Those few lines are the epitome of trafficking in “fear and division” and fanning the “flames of hate” and racial division, and the entire thing was politicized by the solicitation for donations to his campaign being included in the message.

Rove: Speech was “campaign claptrap”

As for Biden’s speech itself, Breitbart noted that the top Democrat repeatedly attacked President Trump throughout, including questioning Trump’s faith while also accusing him of racism and indifference to that harm suffered by innocent people.

Fox News contributor Karl Rove had much the same takeaway during an interview with anchor Bill Hemmer on Tuesday following Biden’s speech, which Rove dismissed as mere “campaign claptrap” that was the exact opposite of the “voice of unity” Americans across the nation were yearning to hear.

Rove argued that Biden would have been better served by doing exactly what he had promised to do — keep politics out of it —  instead of “diving into politics” headfirst with blatantly partisan attacks on the president and a fundraising email invoking Floyd’s last words.

Politicizing a tragedy is never a good look for a politician, and perhaps now more than ever that rings true. Hopefully, Biden and his campaign will be appropriately shamed for seeking to score political points from Floyd’s murder, but we won’t be holding our breath.

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