Joe Biden floats Michelle Obama as possible vice presidential pick

Joe Biden is officially in pure desperation mode.

The former vice president dropped the bombshell at a campaign event on Tuesday that if he’s nominated, he could choose former First Lady Michelle Obama as his running mate, Breitbart reported.

Cutting the apron strings

Biden is determined to exploit his time as Barack Obama’s vice president for all its worth. He has peddled Barack before as a possible Supreme Court nominee, even though he is hardly qualified to sit on the bench.

The former VP will tell you Barack Obama is supremely suited to that role, he just can’t list any credentials that would lead anyone to take his statement seriously.

Now, he has taken it a step further by saying he would also like to have Michelle Obama as his vice president.

Still no endorsement

The funny thing about all of this is that we don’t even know if the Obamas actually like Joe Biden, or they merely tolerate him.

Biden says all these things in a bid to get Obama fans on board, while the former president has yet to even endorse him. In fact, reports surfaced several weeks ago that Barack Obama was actually pushing hard for Biden’s opponent Elizabeth Warren behind closed doors to big-money donors.

There have also been reports that Obama told supporters that Biden lacked the ability to form an “intimate bond” with voters. That is actually very believable, as we have seen Biden become confrontational with Democrat voters several times on the campaign trail already.

Most recently, Biden actually poked, pushed, and grabbed a voter in Iowa during a rally for simply asking him about his climate change policy.

This announcement regarding the Obamas is nothing more than a desperate attempt by Biden to save his campaign, but it won’t work.

The problem is that Biden needs to be saved from Biden, and his hubris will not allow for that.

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