Biden favorability hits all-time low after Trump indictment

June 21, 2023
Matthew Boose

President Biden's favorability ratings have hit rock bottom, according to a new poll from CNN.

Just 32 percent of Americans view the president favorably in the aftermath of the Biden administration's unprecedented arrest of Biden's top rival, Donald Trump.

The poll was conducted last week after Trump's arraignment by the Biden Justice Department for mishandling classified information.

Biden tumbles

Biden's approval rating has tumbled three points since May, although Trump fell by six points during the same time period among Republicans. Trump is leading his closest primary rival Ron DeSantis by 21 points.

54 percent agree with Trump's assertion that politics played a "major role" in his indictment, and 71 percent believe politics played at least some role. Even 53 percent of Democrats believe the indictment has a political angle. Still, 61 percent of Americans said they approve of the indictment.

Trump has accused Biden of weaponizing the justice system in an unprecedented fashion because he is falling behind in the polls. Indeed, Trump is leading Biden at the national level, with a RealClearPolitics average finding that Trump is ahead by more than 2 points.


On the other hand, Biden received a significant tailwind this week in the form of a sweetheart plea deal sparing his son, Hunter Biden, from prosecution and jail time.

The deal would appear to patch up, at least for now, one of Biden's weak points: the controversy over his family's corrupt overseas business deals.

The CNN poll found that equal percentages have a favorable and unfavorable view of the DOJ, a striking sign of how the politicization of the department has polarized the nation.

Election interference

Meanwhile, the administration's boasting about an alleged decrease in southern border crossings since May doesn't appear to have improved Biden's standing, if the CNN poll is accurate.

If the border crisis deteriorates further, it could put Biden in a tough spot. Biden is also campaigning with an economy that many expect to go under before years' end.

Still, the Democratic party's elites are proceeding with a coronation for Biden, convinced he is their best chance to keep Trump out of the White House.

But it appears Biden will require quite a bit of support along the way. Indeed, it doesn't radiate confidence when the president has his chief political opponent arrested.

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