Biden faces mounting criticism from within Democratic base

President Joe Biden’s first nine months in office have been plagued by failed policies, Democratic Party infighting, and sagging approval ratings.

The situation has apparently become so dire that he is now receiving increased pushback from high-profile Democrats who are disillusioned by his administration’s response to various issues.

Biden increasingly unpopular

According to Fox News, topics like immigration, Afghanistan, the economy, and even COVID-19 have increasingly become sources of disharmony within the president’s political party.

Among the most notable recent examples is Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, who recently acknowledged that Biden has become largely “unpopular” in the state, leaving him and other Virginia Democrats “frustrated” over the lack of accomplishments by the current administration.

Moderates and progressives alike have criticized the manner in which the White House has handled an ongoing stalemate over the president’s ambitious spending agenda.

Biden has faced a backlash for not engaging enough in negotiations as well as the perception that he prioritized a bipartisan infrastructure bill over the more expensive budget reconciliation proposal backed by far-left Democrats.

Aside from his stalled domestic agenda, some Democrats have also criticized the president for an immigration stance that has contributed to the ongoing chaos along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Promises aren’t being kept”

Then there is the COVID-19 pandemic, which Biden has repeatedly promised to bring under control. Instead, the delta variant has spread nationwide and heavy-handed federal mandates have turned off millions of Americans.

Politico reported that recent polls show rampant dissatisfaction with Biden’s COVID-19 policy, including some Democratic voters who previously supported him. Of course, his popularity among Republicans was already at rock-bottom and he has been steadily shedding support among independent voters.

A moderator of one all-Democratic focus group described the “malaise” that many in the party are feeling.

“People don’t feel like their lives have been improved,” the individual reported. “They did sort of feel that promises aren’t being kept.”

Meanwhile, the RealClearPolitics polling average shows that Biden’s job approval rating is currently more than nine percentage points underwater with just 43% of Americans expressing support. Even as many mainstream media outlets have effectively dropped any coverage of the disastrous U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden’s numbers continue to trend downward with no signs of improvement.

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