Biden evacuating foreign embassies at more than twice the rate as Obama

August 5, 2023
Jen Krausz

President Joe Biden's State Department announced this week that it is evacuating non-emergency personnel from the U.S. Embassy in Niger and considering further evacuations amid a military coup attempt, making it the third such evacuation in the last four months and the sixth of his short presidency. 

He's on track to far exceed his predecessor Barack Obama's eight evacuations over two terms, including Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Central African Republic and South Sudan.

Besides Niger, Biden has evacuated embassies in Haiti, Sudan, Belarus, Ukraine, and Afghanistan.

The number of evacuations points to a growing instability in world politics under Biden's leadership, which could get a lot worse if countries decide to take advantage of that weakness in anticipation of a stronger leader taking over in 2024.

Impact of war in Ukraine

A third of the evacuations--Belarus and Ukraine--under Biden were related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which some on the right have argued was encouraged or caused by Biden's careless comments and the indirect greenlighting of the Nordstream II pipeline, which was later destroyed by a rogue act.

Belarus is a known Russian ally. It is curious that the Russian Embassy still remains intact despite the clear tension between the U.S. government and that nation amid the war.

Taking the step of evacuating the Russian Embassy might be seen as a move toward direct involvement in the Ukraine conflict and be seen as a provocation for Russia to attack the U.S., however, and the government does not want that to happen.

The Ukraine Embassy was fully evacuated for safety reasons ahead of the war, but reopened in May after fighting in Kyiv settled down.

Where's Biden?

Meanwhile, Biden has spent more than a third of his presidency on vacation. At age 80, most voters think he is too old to be president, let alone run for a second term as he is doing.

When he gets the opportunity to spend time with world leaders, he has repeatedly skipped state dinners to "rest" rather than attend.

He is also suspected of taking bribes from some foreign businesspeople during and after his time as vice president, including from China, Russia and Ukraine.

The Republican-led House is actively investigating him and has revealed compelling evidence that his family was getting payouts for giving businesses access to him.

A coverup?

Some including former President Donald Trump's legal team have speculated that the timing of the Trump indictments has been suspect, and may have been intended to cover up revelations about Biden misconduct.

The media have also been twisting the revelations and insisting that there's no proof of wrongdoing on Biden's part, but the revelations can't help but weaken public perception of him even more on the world stage.

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