Biden ends press conference without taking questions about Afghanistan crisis

President Joe Biden has pursued a strategy of downplaying the failure of his administration’s troop withdrawal from Afghanistan while redirecting attention to other issues.

As the Daily Wire reported, he continued along that trajectory during a press conference on Wednesday.

Background on the crisis

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has topped headlines across the media landscape in recent days. It took the terrorist group just over a week to seize the country, a task completed over the weekend with its capture of the capital city of Kabul.

Biden was forced to send thousands of troops back into Afghanistan to help evacuate Americans and allies, though there are still many stuck behind enemy lines and left with little hope.

Following the fall of Kabul, the president made a brief public statement blaming the chaos on his predecessor and the Afghan military. Biden claimed that he was merely carrying out a withdrawal initially ordered by former President Donald Trump and accused Afghan troops of being unwilling to fight the Taliban on their own.

Subsequent reports, however, indicate that the Biden administration did not adhere to the terms of Trump’s withdrawal, which included safeguards against Taliban retribution against Americans. Furthermore, Afghan soldiers were reportedly left without air support and other military resources they had been trained to rely on over the past two decades.

Now, terrorists are in control of Afghanistan and have possession of untold U.S. weapons and military equipment. Meanwhile, Biden has been on vacation at Camp David.

Biden’s latest remarks

Naturally, many Americans expected him to address these issues during his press conference on Wednesday.

Instead, the president largely ignored the Afghanistan situation, deflecting to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and his concerns about policies being implemented by GOP-led states to handle the public health crisis.

Upon concluding his remarks, Biden simply walked out of the room ignoring questions being shouted by reporters. It now appears that he has continued his extended getaway.

Breitbart cited a Federal Aviation Administration notice that “suggested that Biden would leave the White House for Delaware on Wednesday and remain there until August 23,” though it is unclear whether he actually made that trip.

In any case, reporters — and ordinary Americans — were once again left without any substantive answers regarding a clear foreign policy disaster. As of this writing, Biden’s schedule for Thursday included no public events or press briefings.

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