Biden claims economy doing great, recession not ‘inevitable,’ and it’s ‘bizarre’ that his spending is blamed for inflation

It is clear to a majority of Americans that the economy is currently performing poorly and is likely on the verge of recession amid surging inflationary pricing on gas and groceries and other goods and services, and much of the economic pain can be traced back directly to the policies and spending of President Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress.

Yet, in a recent interview, Biden said a recession was not “inevitable,” his policies and spending were not responsible for inflation and high gas prices, and that inflation is actually not as bad as some people believe as he expressed his optimism for the economic future, The Epoch Times reported.

Those responses place him out of step with a majority of the American people, however, who have indicated to pollsters that they fear a recession is imminent, are struggling to afford inflated prices, are pessimistic about the economic future, and hold Biden and Democrats largely responsible for current conditions.

Biden dodges responsibility, expresses optimism about the economy

In an interview with the Associated Press, when asked about predictions of an impending recession, Biden said, “First of all, it’s not inevitable. Secondly, we’re in a stronger position than any nation in the world to overcome this inflation.”

As for whether his policies were to blame for inflation, he said, “If it’s my fault, why is it the case in every other major industrial country in the world that inflation is higher? You ask yourself that? I’m not being a wise guy.” However, even the AP noted that that particular claim from the president was not accurate, as some developed nations, such as Japan, have lower rates of inflation.

With regard to whether the excessive spending of Congress and his administration was to blame for inflation, Biden was dismissive and replied, “You could argue whether it had a marginal, a minor impact on inflation. I don’t think it did. And most economists do not think it did. But the idea that it caused inflation is bizarre.”

Finally, the president expressed how “confident” he was that the U.S. economy would soon improve, and argued that the American people “shouldn’t believe a warning” about an impending recession but instead should adopt a wait-and-see sort of attitude.

Polling tells otherwise on economic issues

The AP’s polling tells a different story, though, as only around 20 percent of Americans believe the economy is good and the nation is headed in the right direction. Further, roughly two-thirds disapprove of how Biden has handled the economy, and more than half believe his policies have hurt more than helped to improve things.

Likewise, Fortune cited a recent Wall Street Journal/NORC poll which found that 83 percent of Americans had a pessimistic outlook on the economy, and anywhere from one-third to a half of respondents said their own economic situation had become stagnant or grown worse this year.

There was similarly devastating news for President Biden in a recent Fox News poll, which found that only 29 percent of Americans approved of Biden’s handling of the economy and 23 percent approved of his handling of inflation, with Biden’s disapproval on those two issues at 67 percent and 71 percent, respectively.

The pollsters also found that “inflation and higher prices” was the top concern among voters by far — 41 percent, with the next closest issues, guns and abortion, and 12 and 10 percent — and that, by a margin of 55 to 39 percent, voters preferred Republicans over Democrats to properly address inflation and high prices.

As for the current state of the economy, only 5 percent and 13 percent said it was “excellent” or “good,” while 25 percent said it was “fair” and 57 percent rated it as “poor.” And finally, with an eye toward the future of the U.S. economy, only 32 percent were “optimistic” about improvement compared to 65 percent who are “pessimistic” that things are only going to get worse.

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