Biden draws ‘pitifully small’ crowd at Labor Day speech

The Daily Mail reports that President Joe Biden only managed to draw a “pitifully small” crowd to his recent Labor Day speech. 

Biden gave the Labor Day speech in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, on Monday. It took place at the United Steelworkers event, which was open to members of the union.

Ordinarily, one would expect a sizeable crowd to show up at such a speech by the sitting president of the United States. But, no such crowd arrived.

“Pitifully small”

The Daily Mail described the crowd using various non-flattering words, including, “minuscule,” “paltry,” “sparse,” “pitifully small,” and others. The outlet reported that “the crowd . . . could be described as being in the dozens.”

Photographs from the event certainly appear to back this up. The photos show an easily countable number of people at the event.

Other reporting also supports the Daily Mail’s reporting regarding the small size of the crows. TribLive, for example, reports that “about 100 attendees” were there.

Social media’s response

People just couldn’t help but take to social media to mock Biden over the small size of his crowd. One user, for example, wrote, “there are more people that come to my PTA meetings when I (the President) speak! Embarrassing.”

There were countless tweets that were similar. Other users, however, just couldn’t help but compare the small size of the crowd that Biden drew with the enormous crowds that former President Donald Trump continues to draw.

“Lucky to have 150 people there,” one user wrote. “Trump would have had 3000-4000.”

Does it remind you of anything?

Breitbart News drew a comparison between the small crowd that Biden drew at this event and the small crowds that Biden drew as a presidential candidate – at least on those rare occasions that he actually emerged from his basement.

“The crowd size in West Mifflin is reminiscent of the extremely small crowds Biden drew as he ran for president in 2020, although he dismissed the criticisms at the time, claiming that he did not want them to ‘become superspreaders’ in the wake of the Chinese coronavirus,” the outlet noted.

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