Biden doubles down on plan to stop oil and gas drilling in the U.S.

August 12, 2023
Robert Ayers

President Joe Biden, this past week, doubled down on his plan to stop domestic oil and natural gas drilling here in the United States. 

Biden did so during an interview that he did with the Weather Channel. Fox News describes the interview as "the latest in a string of softball sit-downs Biden has granted that have avoided the growing controversies involving his son Hunter and corruption allegations facing his family."

Climate change was a major topic of the interview. In fact, the Weather Channel decided to call the interview, "The Climate Interview."

Meteorologist Stephanie Abrams is reported to have "pressed" Biden on what the Weather Channel refers to as "the need to declare a national climate emergency that would free up more resources to fight the effects of global warming."

"I want to stop all drilling"

Biden, during the interview, reiterated the Democratic Party dogmas, such as that climate change is "the existential threat" to humanity.

At the same time, Biden attempted to argue that - even though he has not declared such a "national climate emergency" - his administration is doing what it can to address climate change.

The Weather Channel, for example, reports:

[Biden] cited the administration's land conservation and the decision to rejoin the Paris climate accord . . . [He] also touted his record on renewable energy as a sign that the nation is becoming more resilient against weather and climate disasters.

Later on in the interview, Abrams confronted Biden about the fact that the United States is one of the leading emitters of carbon dioxide. It was in response to this that Biden spoke about stopping domestic drilling.

"​I want to stop all drilling on the East Coast, and on the West Coast and on the Gulf," Biden said. "But, I lost in court. But, we’re still pushing very hard.

It's true

Town Hall reports, "During his recent visit to Arizona, Biden declared a million acres off limits for drilling and mining with the establishment of a new National Monument, sparking backlash from local ranchers and western representatives."

You can guess what this is going to do to oil and gas prices.

The move has been condemned by many, including U.S. Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ).

Crane, in a statement following Biden's announcement, pointed out that Biden's plan is only going to make us more reliant on the likes of China and Russia.

Crane said:

Apart from sabotaging national security and energy independence, Biden Administration policies trap Americans in poverty and undercut the economy. Northern Arizona’s economy will lose billions because of this stifling land grab by the federal government. In addition to this million-acre land grab, this Administration is also cruelly blocking Navajo Nation citizens from natural gas and oil development in New Mexico. Tribal sovereignty only matters to them if it suits their radical agenda. This type of woke government overreach that tramples over the American people is the embodiment of the America Last agenda.

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