Biden DOJ asks Trump-appointed US attorneys to resign: report

As President Joe Biden continues to purge the government of former President Donald Trump’s appointees, the Justice Department has reportedly requested U.S. attorneys appointed by Trump to resign — with a couple of notable exceptions.

CNN first reported the news, citing “two Justice officials familiar with the matter.” The request applies to 56 prosecutors, who are expected to step down by February 28, CNN reported.

Two major exceptions, however, according to CNN, are the AG overseeing the investigation into Biden’s son, Hunter, and special counsel John Durham:

“Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss has been asked to remain in office, where he is overseeing the tax probe of Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son. John Durham, appointed as special counsel by former Attorney General William Barr to reinvestigate the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, will also continue his work, but he is expected to resign as U.S. attorney in Connecticut, a Justice official said.”

This move is common when the executive branch switches parties, but after all Biden’s talk about healing and unity, this calls his sincerity into question. The first weeks of Biden’s presidency have already shown that his message of unity and healing is a farce designed to fool Americans into believing that he isn’t a puppet for the radical Democrat party and their agenda.

Conservative purge

The Biden presidency is not a return to normal but rather a continuation of the hyperpartisan politics that have become standard in the last decade.

Trump never fed the American people pretenses about unity, nor did he make promises to go out of his way to collaborate with Democrats. Trump was honest, and pushed his agenda exactly like Biden is doing now; only Biden claims to the contrary.

This order from the Justice Department asking all of Trump’s attorneys to resign, barring those conducting sensitive investigations, comes as the Democrats — with the help of RINOs — are doing their best to impeach Trump.

Conservatives are being purged from the government, and the Democrats are trying to impeach a president after he has already left office. The further we get into Biden’s presidency, the more apparent it is that the only unity that we’ll see is for those on the left.

To add to the irony of the situation, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) criticized Trump in 2017 for asking Obama-era attorneys to resign. Feinstein said she felt “very concerned about the effect of this sudden and unexpected decision on federal law enforcement.”

Now that the president’s party affiliation aligns with her own, Feinstein is as silent as the grave. Any American who believes that Biden can fix the nation’s polarized politics is gravely mistaken.

No unity without healing

To Americans with a realistic view of the state of the nation, it is clear there will be no unity without healing. If Democrats think they can heal the nation while impeaching Trump to get revenge for his time in office, they are way off.

Democrats claim that impeachment has to do with Trump supposedly inciting a riot, but truly, this impeachment is about revenge against Trump and his supporters.

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