Joe Biden does not want Democrats to impeach Trump if they retake the House

Joe Biden made a statement this week that absolutely rocked the Democrat party.

Asked if Democrats should introduce articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump should they gain control of the House this fall, Biden stated, “I hope they don’t.”

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Impeachment Movement

From virtually the first day Trump took office, Democrats have been trying to impeach him.

On several occasions, Democrats have tried to push through impeachment articles, but they have never made it through.

Reason being, there is not a shred of evidence or wrongdoing on Trump’s part that would warrant such a drastic measure.

Even so, this continues to be a major part of the campaign agenda for Democrats running for office.

They are not interested in actually doing anything of real value for Americans. They have proven that time and again.

The only thing Democrats seem to be interested in these days is impeaching Trump and helping out undocumented immigrants.

Common Sense

Since Biden has been very outspoken against Trump in the past, it was rather shocking to hear him actually make a statement that made sense.

The former VP stated there is simply no basis for impeaching Trump right now.

And, rather than jump to a false conclusion, he would prefer if Democrats in office waited until the full Mueller report is released to make a decision regarding Trump’s impeachment.

Biden no doubt realizes that while Mueller’s investigation has netted some big fish, and while those individuals had relationships with Trump, none of the indictments thus far have had anything to do with Trump actually colluding with the Russians during the election.

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Democrats would do well to heed Biden’s words — they are likely to end up with a significant amount of egg on their face if they prematurely move forward with impeachment.

It will only end up making Democrat politicians look foolish and hurt the public perception of the party as a whole.

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