Biden: Doctors 'Had to Take Top of My Head Off a Couple Times, to See if I had a Brain'

March 6, 2023
World Net Daily

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Joe Biden has made some outlandish statements during his decades and decades as part of the Washington establishment.

There was his comment about firing two warning shots with a shotgun. And his encouragement for a supporter, confined to a wheelchair, to "stand up."

Just recently, he told one about a nurse who would "whisper in his ear … to make sure there was a human connection."

Some of his stories simply cannot have happened. Others raise huge questions.

His nurse claim:

Read the full conversation on twitter.

Now comes a new frontier for Biden's soliloquys:

He says doctors had to take off the top of his head "a couple of times" in order to "see if I had a brain."

Republicans definitely would want to know the answer to Biden's question, as the 2024 presidential race begins to heat up.

Here are his comments.

"And I had these terrible headaches, was diagnosed," he said, "with having a, uh, a well anyway. They had to take the top of my head off a couple of times, to see if I had a brain."

"But they didn't find anything," was one reply on Twitter.

CNN had just reported that Jill Biden had rejected the idea that her husband's mental fitness should be examined. That's "ridiculous," she charged, in a CNN interview.

"We would never even discuss something like that," she said

It was Robert Spencer at PJMedia who commented on Biden's linguistics when he talked about the nurse whisperer.

"Old Joe Biden has been in politics for over half a century, and before the onset of his dementia, he could be a fluid and occasionally effective public speaker, although he was never as charming or compelling as he clearly believed himself to be. But as he has aged, the doddering corruptor who pretends to be president of the United States has lost whatever ability he ever had to move an audience," he wrote. "Now, more often than not, he tries for an emotional effect and only manages to come off as weird, as with his bizarre habit of whispering points he wants to give particular emphasis. But Old Joe has never been weirder than he was on Tuesday in Virginia Beach."

That story apparently related to a time in 1988 when he suffered two brain aneurysms.

He said, "You lie there in the ICU, which I’ve done for a long time, and you look at those machines. And you know, if the line goes flat, that it’s over. But you just get tired. You don’t care."

Then he recalled "Pearl Nelson."

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