Biden ‘Diversity, Equity’ Campaign Targets Private Companies, Organizations

Few citizens would point to the federal government as a “model of excellence,” but that’s how the Biden administration hopes Americans will view its plan for encouraging policies that support “diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility” in government hiring and employment.

The administration’s Office of Personnel Management last week held the first meeting of the Chief Diversity Officers Executive Council, comprised of diversity officers from several federal agencies, Fox News Digital reported.

Officials hope the federal government’s plan will become a template for companies and other organizations nationwide.

“This historic council will be a nexus of the most promising policies and practices from the public and private sectors alike,” said Janice Underwood, the director of OPM’s Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility.

“As a council, the chief diversity officers will collaborate on an approach to advancing DEIA work across the federal government and our society,” she said.

In an interview earlier this year, Underwood said the nation needs “more people who respect and affirm diversity, equity and inclusion to run for political office at all levels.”

“We also need people – commonsense reasonable people and elected officials and their communications partners – to speak up and not be so afraid to speak up at school board meetings, in the media, in the local town square, at the YMCA, grocery store, and on the campaign trail,” she said.

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