Biden attempts to walk back comments dismissing China as threat to America

The gaffe machine that is former Vice President Joe Biden recently launched his 2020 presidential campaign, and he didn’t waste any time before promptly placing his foot directly in his mouth with ill-advised and naive statements about China.

Perhaps realizing the significance of the backlash that followed his apparent dismissal of China as a chief rival to the U.S., Biden has now attempted to walk back those prior remarks and assert that he does indeed view China as a serious threat to America.

Biden: China “not competition” for America

At a campaign event in Iowa last week, Biden posited rhetorically, “China is going to eat our lunch? C’mon, man.”

In apparent support of that statement, he proceeded to describe a couple of domestic problems in particular that China has struggled to adequately address.

Watch below:

On second thought…

As noted, Biden’s remarks raised plenty of eyebrows and drew sharp rebukes from both Republicans and Democrats alike, who rightly realize that China is indeed “competition” for America and poses both economic and military threats to America interests around the globe.

Biden tried to walk back the controversial comments during a recent exclusive interview with a local NBC affiliate in South Carolina, WIS-TV, in which he asserted that he never intended to dismiss China as a danger to American interests.

“I never said China’s not a threat. I said we can, if we invest the right way, we can defeat China in every way,” Biden said.

He spoke of how the Obama administration had challenged China militarily to defend American interests in the region, and said, “China understands that our problems are negligible compared to the problems they have to face.”

Pressed on the question of whether China is truly a threat, Biden replied, “Oh, they are a military threat,” but then immediately suggested the communist nation lags far behind the U.S. and posed no real danger provided U.S. alliances with other regional powers remain strong.

One more try

The Daily Caller reported that Biden made another similar attempt at clarifying remarks during a fundraiser on Saturday night in South Carolina.

“I don’t suggest China is not a problem. I’m the guy who’s been the toughest on — I’ve spent more time with Xi Jinping than anybody else, just because the nature of my job,” Biden said. “He’s got problems, he’s got gigantic problems. Doesn’t mean he’s not a threat, doesn’t mean they’re not a threat.”

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