Biden makes multiple dishonest claims about border crisis in ABC interview

In a recent interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, President Joe Biden discussed the ongoing and worsening migrant crisis at the southern border.

Biden was rather disingenuous regarding the cause of the current crisis and flat-out lied with respect to the manner in which his administration is handling the situation, according to The Daily Wire.

Blaming Trump

One of Biden’s most egregious false claims included the non-sequitur frequently utilized by the Biden administration to shift blame for what is currently happening to an obsolete temporary policy under the Trump administration.

Asked about what was being done to deal with the unaccompanied minors arriving at the border, Biden replied, “Do you repeat what Trump did, take them from their mothers, move them away, but hold them in cells, etc.? We’re not doing that.”

Except the question was about “unaccompanied” minors already separated from their mothers, and according to a recent bombshell report from The New York Times, those children are indeed being held in “cells,” or rather, “facilities akin to jails” while the administration struggles to keep up with the surge of new arrivals every day.

Furthermore, The Daily Wire pointed out the absurdity of the “ripping kids from their mothers’ arms” narrative so often repeated by Democrats, noting that, as has long been required by U.S. law, children and adults are initially placed in separate holding facilities upon arrival until agents can confirm they are related, at which time the family members are typically quickly reunited.

More lies

In another blatant lie, Biden spoke of being tapped by former President Barack Obama to deal with a surge of unaccompanied migrant children in 2014 and boasted of being responsible for an $800 billion bill to provide aid to the Northern Triangle nations of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to address the “root causes” behind the migration northward.

Except, as The Daily Wire noted, that bipartisan bill was only for the significantly smaller sum of $750 million, and did next to nothing to halt the northward migration out of those Central American countries.

At another point in the interview, Biden claimed that he had “inherited a mess” from Donald Trump, and that was the reason for the current border crisis. In reality, Trump’s policies had the border under control and it was Biden’s welcoming rhetoric and swift reversal of those policies that prompted the current surge.

Biden can shirk responsibility for the current crisis and falsely shift the blame onto his predecessor, and members of the press like Stephanopoulos will gleefully let him do it, but that doesn’t change the reality on the ground in the overwhelmed border communities.

The fact is, the migrant crisis at the border is a problem that is entirely of Biden’s own making, and the sooner he acknowledges that and stops lying about it, the sooner progress can be made to address it.

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