Biden disapproved by a majority of voters in almost every key area

A Harvard-Harris poll showed that a majority of voters are rejecting President Joe Biden in nearly every area of his agenda, including the economy, immigration, and foreign affairs, among others.

Overall, the poll indicated that 55% disapproved of Biden, while only 40% approved.

Furthermore, his approval numbers have continued to drop since the previous poll in April, and have been on a downward trend since last August when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan during a military pullout and hundreds of Americans were stranded there.

The economy

Only 35% of those polled approved of Biden’s handling of the economy, down three points from last month. Even as former President Donald Trump left office in January 2021, 56% approved of the way he handled the economy.

It’s hard to see how anyone thinks the economy is going well, with inflation at 40-year highs and supply chain problems making it hard to get needed items, including baby formula. What are those 35% seeing?


Biden’s immigration numbers were slightly higher with 41% approving of his handling of immigration. This is also a two-point drop from last month, however.

While a lot of people on the left think there’s nothing wrong with open borders and letting millions of illegal immigrants into the country (with free baby formula), most people know such policies are not going to end well for the country.

Foreign affairs

Biden is making a royal mess of things in the foreign affairs department, and only 40% approve of the way he is sanctioning Russia but working with them through the back door, trying to revive a nuclear deal with Iran, and giving Ukraine $40 billion we don’t have and are going to have to borrow. That number is down one point since last month.

And that doesn’t even include the aforementioned Afghanistan pullout or the way he has sucked up to China for the most part, other than saying we would respond militarily if China takes over Taiwan.

The poll showed lower approval ratings in other categories too, including stimulating jobs, fighting terrorism, and administering the government.

Pretty much the only area Biden wasn’t underwater in was fighting the coronavirus, where he got 52% approval.

That’s pretty much a dead issue at this point, but we will see if Democrats try to bring it back before the midterms to gain support. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

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