Biden denies crisis at southern border amid rush of thousands of immigrants

President Joe Biden is facing a mounting crisis at the U.S.–Mexico border as thousands of undocumented migrants are moving north from Central America and overwhelming ICE facilities.

For his part, though, the president has been reluctant to provide direct answers to questions related to the issue, telling reporters on Tuesday that there was no crisis and that his administration would “handle it,” as The Daily Wire reported.

“I have witnessed the crisis firsthand”

Aside from the disconnect between his denial of the crisis and claims that the nonexistent crisis would be handled, Biden’s rhetoric is attracting plenty of pushback from the other side of the aisle.

In a response to the situation, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) asserted: “Joe Biden is wrong. I’ve been to the southern border many times, and I have witnessed the crisis firsthand.”

The situation at the border has deteriorated since Biden’s victory in November’s election, which spurred a wave of immigrants to make a rush for the United States in anticipation of more open borders under the new administration.

In his own statement regarding Biden’s words and actions, former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan said: “A thousand crossings a day was a bad day; it was a crisis. And now we’re dealing with 4,000 a day, four times what he considered a crisis back in 2015.”

Homan declared that Biden is “not bringing truth to the American people,” adding that the “crisis on the border” is being exacerbated by the current White House “because of their promises that they’ve made and the enticements that they’ve made to the people.”

Biden’s promises lead to immigration surge

Biden spent much of his campaign signaling a laxer immigration policy in comparison to the Trump administration. Now that the border is being inundated by thousands of immigrants, including some wearing pro-Biden shirts, the president is telling us there is nothing to see here.

Horman noted that one need not be a “border expert to realize” that promises of free healthcare and other benefits would “cause a border crisis.”

Meanwhile, Biden has faced criticism from within his own party for reopening child detention facilities after spending the Trump years decrying the practice commonly decried as keeping “kids in cages.”

Despite the presidential denials, the situation is real and getting worse as thousands of additional immigrants are likely to arrive on the nation’s southern border.

Even though a plan to provide millions of undocumented residents with a pathway to citizenship includes a cutoff arrival date of Jan. 1, that has not stopped more immigrants from making it approaching the border in droves. The president cannot continue to misrepresent the situation for long without the truth coming out.

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