Biden defeated by O’Rourke in MoveOn 2020 straw poll

There has been a lot of speculation about whether former vice president Joe Biden is going to enter the 2020 presidential race.

Biden, however, took a shot right across the bow when a recent MoveOn.Org straw poll revealed members preferred Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke over Biden.

Democrat Rock Star

O’Rourke became somewhat of a rock star while running against Republican Ted Cruz during the recent senate race in Texas.

Cruz is despised by the left for his strong conservative stance across the board.

It is no secret the liberal ideology is starting to penetrate Texas, especially in younger populations in cities like Austin.

O’Rourke appealed to many of these voters, especially his background as, yes, a rock star.

Well, rock star might be a bit of an overstatement.O’Rourke played in a punk band called Foss during his college years and never really made it big.

That image, however, was used and abused by O’Rourke during the election and while he gave Cruz a run for his money, he did fall short.

Having said that, the closeness of the election made O’Rourke a sudden frontrunner to run for president and face off against Donald Trump.

After all, everyone has been saying the party needs new blood that can relate to the current generation and O’Rourke is the epitome of that.

Does the Poll Matter? is considered to be a significant influencer in the young, progressive movement.

Look no further than the 2016 presidential election for proof of that.

The organization backed Bernie Sanders during that election and while he did not win the nomination, he gave the party darling, Hillary Clinton, all she could handle.

There are more than few that believe that had Hillary not had the superdelegate votes in her hip pocket, it would have been Sanders facing off against Trump.

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Even more important than winning that primary, though, was the obvious support Sanders had from the younger generation of Democrats.

When it came to the 21-30 demographic, Sanders destroyed Hillary.

While O’Rourke has not yet officially stated his intentions about running for president in 2020, he has said he is not ruling anything out.

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