Biden defends decision not to release list of possible SCOTUS picks

Even as President Donald Trump prepares to select a candidate to fill the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat from his own list of possible picks, he continues to call on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to similarly release his list of potential justices.

Contributing to concerns among some critics that the former vice president is hiding his true agenda, however, he has declined to make his Supreme Court contenders public, as reported by the Daily Wire.

“Could influence that person’s decision making”

Several weeks ago, the president added 20 names to an earlier list of possible nominees to fill vacancies on the nation’s highest court.

He has also increased pressure on Biden to release his own list so voters could clearly see who his ideal nominees would be. Thus far, Biden has declined.

For his part, the longtime senator has asserted that releasing a list of candidates is potentially harmful to those included and does not follow in the tradition of previous presidential candidates.

He made his most recent remarks on the topic during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania earlier this week, as reported by CBS News.

“First, putting a judge’s name on a list like that could influence that person’s decision making as a judge, and that would be wrong, or at least create the perception that it would have influence,” Biden said.

“Subjected to unrelenting political attacks”

He went on to assert that individuals listed among the contenders “would be subjected to unrelenting political attacks” since any nominee he put forward “would not get a hearing until 2021 at the earliest.”

Referring to a possible candidate with feminine pronouns, he signaled his agreement with Trump that Ginsburg’s replacement should be a woman.

“She would endure those attacks for months on end without being able to defend herself,” Biden said.

Of course, the president has released two such lists without widespread reports of political attacks against the men and women named therein.

For many of his critics, Biden’s refusal to release a list of possible Supreme Court picks is not meant to protect the candidates but to continue shrouding an agenda Trump has claimed makes him a “puppet” of his party’s far-left wing.

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