Biden accuser Tara Reade files criminal complaint with D.C. police

Despite being ignored by the media, she’s not going away.

Tara Reade, a former staffer for then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE), has now filed a formal criminal complaint against Biden with the Metro Police Department in Washington D.C. Per Business Insider, which reportedly obtained a copy of the police report, Reade filed her report with the Metro P.D.’s sexual assault unit on Thursday.

Reade is accusing the current presumptive Democratic presidential nominee of having acted inappropriately in a sexual manner with her when she worked as an aide for him in the early 1990s.

She told Business Insider that she filed the complaint because she wanted to “have documentation in case anything happened.” Reade also said she “wanted to make it clear that I would be willing to go under oath or cooperate with any law enforcement regarding it because it did happen.”

“I was trying to have a deeper conversation about sexual harassment in the workplace and powerful men,” she told Newsweek separately. “I’m not going to get traditional justice, like with Weinstein’s case. I’m looking for something more existential — to not have to keep a secret because it’s somebody powerful.”

Allegation of assault

Though she has mentioned her story before, Reade revealed more graphic details of her allegation against Biden in a podcast interview in mid-March. She described being instructed to deliver a gym bag to the then-senator and ending up alone with him in a hallway in the Senate building, at which point he had allegedly made his unsolicited move on her.

Noting that she had been wearing a skirt that day, Reade explained, “It happened all at once … his hands were on me and underneath my clothes. Yeah, and he went down my skirt but then up inside it, and he penetrated me with his fingers, and he was kissing me at the same time, and he was saying something to me. He said several things. I can’t remember everything he said.”

She recalled him asking if she wanted to go “somewhere else,” but said that she had rejected his advances, which prompted him to say, “C’mon man, I heard you liked me.”

Biden’s campaign denied the allegation, calling it “false.”

Media ignores Reade’s allegations … for now

Of course, as The Daily Wire pointed out, the mainstream media has barely mentioned Reade’s allegations against Biden — a stark contrast to how those same media outlets treated similar decades-old, unsubstantiated allegations of sexual improprieties against Republicans like President Donald Trump or Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

So much for “believe all women.” This is simply further evidence of the deep-seated bias against the right and in favor of the left that is held by much of the media.

However, while it may have been easy to ignore a podcast interview, it will be much more difficult for the mainstream media to do the same with a formal criminal complaint filed with a major police department — and it is a safe bet that President Trump’s re-election campaign team will do their best to make sure both Biden and the media address these allegations at some point in the future.

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