Biden’s refusal to answer ‘court-packing’ question could cost Dems the Senate: Report

There are a lot of moderate voters on both sides of the aisle that don’t like President Donald Trump because of his personality.

These votes are all up for grabs, or they were, until Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden refused to answer whether or not he would pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed.

Packing the court is the proposal to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court from nine. It would be a radical move, but not only has Biden repeatedly refused to answer the question about packing the Supreme Court, but he has also told the American people they “don’t deserve to know.”

Evasion could cost Dems the Senate

This is a major mistake on Biden’s part and doesn’t just affect his campaign. Even if Biden gets away with evading this question, it could cost Democrats significantly down the ballot, specifically as it relates to their hopes of retaking the Senate, the National Review’s John Fund pointed out: “By stubbornly remaining silent on something that wasn’t even part of their agenda a few months ago, they may convince voters they really are the radicals they are accused of being. It could cost them the Senate.”

There are plenty of voters who like Trump’s policies but cringe at his Tweets. Because they perceive him as the “nice” guy, these individuals are more likely to vote for Biden and even for down-ballot Democrats.

But Biden’s refusal to answer this question, however, could put a legitimate scare into swing voters, who don’t trust the Democratic Party with full power.

At that point, regardless of what happens in the presidential election, they will want to protect the integrity of the nation’s highest court by voting Republican in the Senate. This could also be the case for many moderate Democrats who want Biden to win the election.

Packing the Supreme Court might work for now but eventually, it will come back to bite them.

No need to pack the court

Honestly, the current SCOTUS is about as fair as it gets, with three liberal justices that will never cross the aisle and two conservative justices that have the same attitude. However, Justices John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, and Neil Gorsuch are a different story. All three have proven their political ideology isn’t a good predictor of their decisions when it comes to the law.

Even with the confirmation of Barrett and a 6-3 “conservative” lean, this court is very fair in terms of the law — something it would not be if Democrats have the power to nominate at least four more justices, all of whom would surely be very progressive in their interpretation of the Constitution.

It also goes to show that Biden is not nearly as honest or transparent as he pretends to be. Clearly, he does not respect the American people enough to share his real plans for our future.

That alone should be enough to convince voters to stay away from him on Election Day.

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