House Dem says Biden would be ‘compelled’ to testify in Senate impeachment trial

Will former Vice President Joe Biden testify in the Senate’s trial to impeach President Donald Trump, if called? That is the question everyone wants an answer to these days.

But while Biden has said he will not testify, he just received a nasty shock from a fellow Democrat. According to Breitbart, Rep. Lloyd Doggett (TX) has notified the 2020 hopeful that he would be “compelled to come to this proceeding.”

Biden says no

Over the last few days, Joe Biden has been taking some heat in the media. After he made statements to the contrary, many are wondering if he’d be willing to testify if called in the Senate’s impeachment trial.

Biden has repeatedly said “no” and reaffirmed his commitment to defy a Senate subpoena on Friday, according to the Daily Caller. Biden says he has not done anything wrong, nor has his son Hunter — and we are apparently supposed to take his word for it.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s son is in the middle of a paternity case that has allegedly uncovered evidence that Hunter Biden made millions from his position at a corrupt Ukraine energy firm, as well as allegedly being involved in a rather significant money laundering scheme, Breitbart notes.

But Joe says we need to believe him when he says there is nothing fishy to look at here.

No deflecting

Even with Joe Biden’s defiance, however, Rep. Doggett says the former VP may not have a choice.

“I think that Joe Biden or anyone else would be subject to subpoena power and could be compelled to come to this proceeding,” Doggett said. “But there’s nothing that Joe Biden or any of the other witnesses Republicans have talked about have to say about what the president is being impeached for.”

Doggett then fell back on the tired Democrat trope that “the only purpose of bringing them is for distraction urged by the master of distraction, Donald Trump.”

But considering that Trump is being impeached for wanting to investigate the alleged wrongdoings of Joe Biden while he was vice president, it seems that the 2020 hopeful’s testimony would be very relevant.

At the very least, Republicans should get Uncle Joe under oath so that if there is an investigation, the facts of that investigation can be weighed against Biden’s statements. There is also the fact Democrats have been hammering Trump on obstruction — which is exactly what Joe Biden would be doing if he did not honor a Senate subpoena.

Whether or not Democrats want to admit this, Biden is a major liability for their party. They’d be wise to suggest that he quit his campaign while he’s ahead.

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