Biden collapses in polls after first Democrat debate

When Joe Biden entered the presidential race he was handed a lead everyone thought impossible to blow… But they don’t know Joe.

After being demolished onstage by Kamala Harris, Joe Biden collapsed in the polls, losing ten full points in the latest poll of likely Democrat voters.

Kamala Harris goes in for the kill

Kamala Harris was very careful in how she went about destroying Biden. Her team had her very prepared and armed with information that would crush Biden if she got the opportunity to use it, and she did.

Harris went after Biden for his record on busing, which is just one previous part of his legislative record that is going to hurt him.

While she conceded that she does not believe he is actually a racist, she made it perfectly clear his stance against busing was damaging to African-Americans and still hurts her to this day.

Biden stood there like a tired prizefighter in the middle of the ring, unable to raise his gloves or hit back. When he did finally open his mouth, he was angry and came across in a very unpleasant way, all the better for Harris.

We Have a Race

Prior to the debate, Biden had been polling at 41%.

After the debate, only 31% of likely Democrat voters stated they would be willing to pull the handle for Sleepy Joe.

Harris’ attack did not go unnoticed, as she ate up about 90% of what Joe lost during the debate. She now sits at 16.6% and is in a virtual tie with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for second place.

The bad news for both Sanders and Warren is their meter barely moved after the debate. Clearly, most Americans were very unimpressed with either of them.

Harris, however, revived what had been a dead campaign to this point and is gaining cult-status on social media after demolishing Biden.

This has clearly become a four-horse race at this point and Biden is obviously headed backward and may soon be out of it unless he figures a way to reverse this very disturbing trend.

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